I have been writing articles on Bukisa for three months now and have written over 80 articles.  Earnings were based on page views and I was seeing a steady increase in my page views.  I was getting closer to making 25 cents a day, up from less than one cent a day the first month, so was feeling pretty encouraged that early in the New Year I would hit the dollar a day mark with that site.  Yesterday, Bukisa announced that it is changing the way its authors earn on their articles and going with a revenue share with Google adsense.  This is freaking some people out and many don’t qualify for adsense, but I am thinking that for me, it may mean an increase in earnings.

The reason I suspect my earnings may go up is that one of the articles I wrote last month tends to get a hundred or so hits per day.  If even one person clicked on one of the ads on that one article, I would be making almost what I was making from page views.  As I have been working towards learning more about SEO (search engine optimization) and keywords and turning that into higher rankings of my articles on search engines, I was already seeing a huge boost in page views.  Ultimately, page views correlate with adsense revenue in that, if no one is reading your articles, no one is clicking on ads.  So that explains how I expect earnings to stay the same…the reason I expect them to go up is that the old model of earning was based on an index rating for all Bukisa writers.  Some of those writers were cheating the system, ultimately hurting all of us.  Other writers were writing sloppy articles that were not well researched or where the language flow struggled tremendously due to translation issues.  This hurt the index too.  Under the new system, it’s really only about each author’s articles, though the overall quality does help Bukisa articles to rise higher in Google searches.

Sooo, all that to say that I really have no idea what this will do, but am optimistic actually and between Bukisa and another two sites, have enough this month already to take my three girls to a movie tomorrow in the theatre…with popcorn!