The first month that I started writing articles online, I averaged a bit less than a penny a day.  So, even though we are still talking pennies, you can imagine that I am pleased with my increase on that same article writing site to over 6 pennies a day this month.  What happened is that I continued to add articles this month and two that I wrote at the end of the month have been quite popular, so I was averaging 4 pennies earlier in the month, but at the end of the month, was earning 14-16 cents a day!  I know that we are still talking pocket change here, but I believe that the residual income will continue to build and want to be honest about the process to get there.  So on that original site, $1.94 was my total this month, bringing my grand total to $3.  Not that exciting BUT…

I discovered another site where I can upload links to my articles over on the other site and get paid on that site for those views, so without any extra writing and hardly any extra time, I am able to add to the income from the articles.  I made 90 cents in the past two weeks by doing this, but I also uploaded some photos to this site and one of them (taken by my mom and posted with her permission of course) was chosen as a featured photo and earned a bonus of $5.10, so my total in two weeks on that site is $6, bringing my grand total to $9.  The second site is called RedGage and has a fantastic community of supportive people.  I’ve been really happy with it as it is easy to use and allows me to add articles I’ve already written and pictures I’ve already taken, so there’s very little time involved.

So, as you can see, just a few months into this online earning experiment, the earnings are starting to build momentum.  This month, I have learned some things about SEO and have improved my keywords accordingly and seen an increase in views to my articles as a result.  Hopefully, next month, all talk will be in dollars.  I’ll keep you updated!

November Bukisa $1.94

November RedGage   $6.00

November Adsense    $0.18

Total                              $8.12