more on this at the beginning of December, but as you can well imagine, raising seven children on one income is difficult, so I have decided to try to turn my online writing and blogging into an income for me.  I am not yet sure how successful I will be with this, but it is something that allows me to be home with the kids, to continue to homeschool, and perhaps to take some of the financial burden off Mark.  Even if it would mean paying for one small bill a month, it would be well worth it.  As always, I have learnt the most from others and will share my experiences (successes and failures) with you as I go.

I had written that I would be thrilled to again triple my online earnings, which would have been a grand total of $2.43 for the month of November.  I can tell you that I have far surpassed that already with the end of the month still almost a week away.  The first week of December, I will post my actual total, along with how I achieved it and my idea for a huge undertaking with my writing that I am going to pursue (gulp!) in order to promote adoption, which is a passion of mine, and if it were to also add to the income, that would be a welcome bonus!

Stay tuned!!!