I promised a report of how many pennies I made in October with my online writing and here it is.  In September, I had met my goal of making 25 cents and my goal for October was to write 20 articles, which I managed to achieve, though mostly under pressure when the deadline was approaching for the end of the month.  As far as pennies go, I made an additional 81 cents in October, bringing my grand total to $1.06.  In one sense, that is not a lot of money, but it is triple what I made the month before, with most of it being residual income on the previous month’s articles, so if I were able to continue to triple my revenues every month, it wouldn’t be long before I really was making some decent passive income.

It’s interesting to see what articles generate the most views.  There are a few articles of mine that I think are fairly well written or researched that I see steady traffic to, but most of what gets the most traffic are the articles that I only wrote because I had placed a self-imposed deadline on myself.  Articles such as “Clean Knock Knock Jokes for Kids” or product reviews I have done on games, homeschool curriculum, or cleaning products continue to be the ones that see the most traffic.  Also popular are the articles about party planning themes, the top one being my Thai Dinner Party one, followed by the Mickey Mouse birthday party one.  Many of my articles are copy and pastes of old blog posts, with tweaking done to take out names of my kids or identifying information.

My goal this month (November) was originally to write 21 articles, but I had not had the chance to do any yet.  Then yesterday, I had a burst of energy and managed to post 16 articles in one day (mainly book reviews that were already written on one of my blogs), so I may be amending my goal to 26 or 31.  I will let you know how it goes and also, I will post my November earnings once I know.  If I am able to triple October’s earnings, it would be $2.43, so it would be great to see it be dollars as opposed to cents…we’ll see!

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