I have no shortage of ideas when it comes to what to write about.  The problem is that these ideas come to me in the shower or while I’m driving or just before I drift off to sleep at night.  In other words, these ideas come to me in the moments of my life when things are quiet, when I can think.  With seven kids, these are really the only times my brain can think.  Unfortunately, my memory is not a good one.  It lets me down regularly.  Even when the ideas that come are so exciting, so good, that I tell myself not to worry, that surely this one I will remember.  And then I forget.  It is frustrating.  I tried keeping a notepad and pen by my bed.  I wrote down one idea.  I don’t know where it is now because one of the kids took the notepad.  Another of the kids drew on my bedroom wall with the pen!  I think I need a tape recorder permanently implanted in my arm so that when I am in the shower or falling asleep or driving down the highway and these moments of great insight come to me, I have a way of recording them.