Time seems to be my enemy lately.  I can almost hear it faintly mocking me!  I thought that once Gracelyn’s health was a bit more under control, I could concentrate on some writing, but then I got sick and lost a week of my life!  Now I am playing catch-up and feeling like it may take a week to get back to where I was at two weeks ago.

Today is gone, the hands on the clock seeming to spin faster and faster as days end approached and no writing was accomplished.  “There is always tomorrow”, I tell myself, thought I know that tomorrow will be filled with more busyness than today had and the next day holds two important appointments, the following day a conference, and then the week will be gone!

I am determined to at least write a few articles this week though and maybe get back to the book.  We shall see!  Time keeps going by and seems to leave me behind, chasing after it with my laces untied!