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I have no shortage of ideas when it comes to what to write about.  The problem is that these ideas come to me in the shower or while I’m driving or just before I drift off to sleep at night.  In other words, these ideas come to me in the moments of my life when things are quiet, when I can think.  With seven kids, these are really the only times my brain can think.  Unfortunately, my memory is not a good one.  It lets me down regularly.  Even when the ideas that come are so exciting, so good, that I tell myself not to worry, that surely this one I will remember.  And then I forget.  It is frustrating.  I tried keeping a notepad and pen by my bed.  I wrote down one idea.  I don’t know where it is now because one of the kids took the notepad.  Another of the kids drew on my bedroom wall with the pen!  I think I need a tape recorder permanently implanted in my arm so that when I am in the shower or falling asleep or driving down the highway and these moments of great insight come to me, I have a way of recording them.



Time seems to be my enemy lately.  I can almost hear it faintly mocking me!  I thought that once Gracelyn’s health was a bit more under control, I could concentrate on some writing, but then I got sick and lost a week of my life!  Now I am playing catch-up and feeling like it may take a week to get back to where I was at two weeks ago.

Today is gone, the hands on the clock seeming to spin faster and faster as days end approached and no writing was accomplished.  “There is always tomorrow”, I tell myself, thought I know that tomorrow will be filled with more busyness than today had and the next day holds two important appointments, the following day a conference, and then the week will be gone!

I am determined to at least write a few articles this week though and maybe get back to the book.  We shall see!  Time keeps going by and seems to leave me behind, chasing after it with my laces untied!

My Bukisa Earnings

I had publicly declared that my September earnings for the online articles I have been writing would be 25 cents and I was able to make that goal one day ahead of schedule.  I know that one quarter in three weeks is not impressive, but I am actually quite pleased with it because I only wrote on three days in September, writing a total of 19 articles.  I am still earning residual income on the very first article I wrote for them.  As the articles get more clicks, they move up higher in search engines, so I am actually noticing a momentum happening with some of the earlier articles.  As I am writing this on October 3, I have made 9 cents already this month with only having written one additional article.  Still, we are talking about very small change here BUT…

I realize that I made a mistake by announcing my goal of making 25 cents for September.  The number of clicks an article gets is not in my control, therefore, the amount of money I earn is not in my control.  What is in my control is the amount of articles that I write and therefore, I will be making my goals based on that moving forward.

Last weekend, I set myself a goal of writing five articles on Sunday.  My husband had taken the kids to church without me (we were all running behind that morning and I would have had to go in my pyjamas otherwise!) so I was here in a very quiet house, giving me the chance to write.  I wrote three articles that are what I would consider informative and fairly well-written and then my family arrived back at home so I had to put the computer away for awhile.  That evening, I was determined to reach my goal so I wrote another article that was certainly not prize winning writing, but not a bad topic.  I still had one article to go to reach my goal.  It was late and I was out of ideas.  I wrote “Clean Knock Knock Jokes for Kids” just to fulfill my goal of five articles for the day.  Amazingly enough, I have made a few pennies on the article already!  You just never know what things people search for!

For October, my goal is to write an additional 20 articles.  This will be a tough goal to reach as this is going to be my busiest month this year, but I like a challenge.  I do expect that my earnings will continue to grow and that within a few months, I will be speaking in dollars instead of in pennies!  I will do an update to disclose my October earnings.  If you want to see your writing transform into pennies too, click here to join for free and start writing.  They do accept articles that have been previously posted online, so if you are a blogger, you can even start by turning some of your blog posts into articles and see what happens.