I had committed to myself that I would begin working on my book again this week.  A synopsis of the book is being included in a newsletter that is sent out to 80 publishers at the end of this month.  That gives me a deadline.  If any of the publishers are interested in reading the full manuscript, they will contact me and I want to be prepared to send one out immediately.

The week was busy (as are most of my weeks) and I managed to make excuses every day as to why it would not be a good time to work on the book.  Friday, I had my wonderful babysitter here for the whole day because I had to take Gracelyn to an appointment in the afternoon and was supposed to be visiting a friend in hospital in the morning.  My friend was released from the hospital that morning though and I made plans to go to see her at her house following Grace’s appointment.  That left me with a babysitter and no plans for the morning.  It was obvious that there were no excuses for not using that time to work on the book.

I procrastinated.  I wrote a blog post (or two or three).  I checked e-mails.  I sent e-mails.  Then I pulled up my document and looked at it blankly as the minutes ticked by, took a deep breath, and allowed my fingers to press lightly on the keys, as words magically appeared on the screen.  Soon, I was typing madly as the story flowed out through my fingertips.

Then, the door to the office opened and I heard, “mommy, Elijah is bugging me”.  Soon Elijah was here defending himself and an argument between the two erupted as I ushered them out of the room.  Fingers to keyboard.  “Mommy, can I have a drink of milk?”  I remind Eliana to ask Mandi and to pretend that mommy isn’t home.  Fingers to keyboard.  “Mommy, can I make myself a quesadilla if I clean up afterwards?”  I turn and remind Gracelyn gently that I need to get some work done before it is time to leave for her appointment.  Fingers to keyboard.  “Mommy, Josiah pushed me and I hurt my back.”  Insert crying here.  I dutifully kiss Eliana’s back and speak the usual words of compassion.  I call Josiah in and have him apologize to his sister.  Fingers to keyboard.  Two kids burst in through the door.  I remind them, not so gently and with very little patience that there will be consequences if they continue to interrupt my “work” time.  Fingers almost to keyboard.  “Mommy I need to take my medicine.”  I look at the time, realize she is right and that soon, we will be needing to leave for her appointment anyway.  I call it a day.

Writing is a challenge.  Writing while being interrupted in the middle of a good flow is frustrating and not very productive.  BUT…

I did manage to get started on one of the last two chapters I need to write.  I did get about a thousand words done.  I did manage to research a small detail.  Baby steps.  They all count.  Every word adds up.  Eventually, the hope is, a book they will make!