A few weeks ago, I announced that I had taken a risk and applied for an online freelance writing job.  Apparently, they never consider unpublished authors, so I did not get the job.  It was not a complete bust though as it led me to look for other opportunities.  I stumbled upon this.  For this, there is no experience or skill required so I took it as a chance to experiment with some ideas and practise writing articles.  I like that the earnings are residual, so an article I write may still be earning me pennies a year from now.  Over the first two days, I wrote 11 articles, a few that I think are actually helpful, such as the one I wrote called “Supporting the Adoptive Family” and then I wrote some just to test how different articles would do.  I wrote anything from a recipe to a ridiculous anecdote to scrapbooking tips to product reviews.  It’s been really interesting to see what people are clicking on.  I have not promoted the articles myself and after those first two days, have not had time to add any articles, but I am slowly getting reads on some of them, while others remain unread.  As the pay is on a per read basis, promoting myself would increase my revenue, but for now, I am using this as an experiment and just trying it out.  It is very interesting to see which of my articles have been read and which have not.  The ones that has been the most read are my “Mommy Guilt” one and one that I wrote a product review on a homeschool game that is useful in working with kids who have autism or Asperger’s or in helping kids who are learning English as their second language.  When I wrote that product review, I wrote it quickly (five minutes at most) and was hoping that someone might find it useful.  It is something that has really helped me with Josiah (my eight year old son who has Asperger’s) although I bought it to help my kids from Ethiopia improve their English and it has been somewhat handy for that as well.  It is interesting that strangers have been reading the article though and makes me think that perhaps “autism” or “Asperger’s” are tags that are searched for frequently.  Some of the articles that I thought would be more popular have had no reads at all.  I think that it is a trial and error thing and if I were to spend some time each day and write a few articles for them, I would start to see some patterns emerge.

The money – the big question is how much money have I made, right?!  I have made a whopping $0.14!  Yes, you read that right!  I have so far made only 14 cents.  Considering that payment transfer happens only once you reach $10, it may be years before I see any money EXCEPT that I only wrote on two days and have not written since then and the pennies are continuing to come in.  If I were to write a few articles a day or even several articles a week and if I were to get better at knowing which topics are the most popular, I actually could make a little bit of money with this.  There are certainly writers on this site who have written thousands of articles and who are sitting back and getting residual incomes of hundreds to thousands of dollars a month.  I researched before I started writing with them and people are making money doing this.  For now, I am not writing for money, but I think that I will try to set a goal for myself of writing a certain number of articles per week and just seeing what happens.

One of the best things about this particular online writing site is that they allow you to reuse articles that you have already written.  What is great about that is that you can take a blog post and turn it into an article and possibly make a bit of money on it and it doesn’t take any extra effort.  So we’ll see!  I’ll keep you posted.  I plan on posting an honest summary of my earnings at the end of every month.  Who knows?  Maybe if I get busy and write a few more articles, I may be up to a quarter by the end of September!!!  If any of you decide to try it, make sure you let me know how it goes.