I have started this new blog as a way to chronicle my attempts to write for more than just my family blog.  I am hoping that by keeping a record of my efforts, it will keep me accountable.  I have been working on my first book since the beginning of March and for the most part, had it finished by the end of April and worked on editing for the next month or two, but then life took over in the form of my oldest daughter being very ill for the last three months and I have not been able to finish the last two chapters.  It has been weeks since I have worked on my writing.  I am recommitting to my writing.  I have also decided that I will pursue other forms of writing as well.  My primary purpose in writing at this point is to raise awareness for things that I am passionate about such as adoption and to have an outlet to express myself.  In creating a new family budget the other evening though, it became apparent that if this hobby were to translate into some revenue, that would be very helpful at this point as well.

To that end, this morning, I spent some time searching online for freelance writing “gigs” and have decided that (though the thought scares me almost enough to quit before I start), I am going to pursue my writing more.

I have been blogging for five years and have loved the freedom of writing to my private, trusted audience.  The idea of having my words out there in a land of unknown readers feels very risky to me, a bit like the Emperor realizing he was naked and not wearing the fancy clothes.  I am afraid of the judgement and nervous that my fragile ego will not take well to the negative comments I am sure to receive about my life choices and opinions.  In my other blog, those who come to visit are often like me, mothers or someday-to-be-mothers, open to the possibilities of God opening doors or challenging words like “adoption”, “special needs parenting”, and “homeschooling”.  But here I am, embarking on a journey, no longer completely hiding behind my semi-private blog.

Feel free to follow along as I share honestly (that part won’t change!) about my attempts to find time to write amidst parenting and homeschooling my seven children.  I also plan to share openly about any income (or losses) that this writing brings to me.  In the research I have done in the past year about getting published in the industry or doing freelance work, it is apparent that there is very little money in writing.  I fully expect this to be a slow and discouraging road at times.  I know that there are others out there who have dreamed about making writing a reality and my hope is that I am able to encourage you in your journey by sharing mine.