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New Blog

This blog no longer exists, though the people at WordPress seem to disagree!  The new blog is  Come on over!


I have decided to move this little blog over to one that is easier for me to use.  I have lots to share with you, so I hope that you will follow me over there.  Tomorrow, January 1, I will be posting my December earnings, which are much higher than November’s, so I hope you will pop on over and check it out over here.

Changes to Bukisa

I have been writing articles on Bukisa for three months now and have written over 80 articles.  Earnings were based on page views and I was seeing a steady increase in my page views.  I was getting closer to making 25 cents a day, up from less than one cent a day the first month, so was feeling pretty encouraged that early in the New Year I would hit the dollar a day mark with that site.  Yesterday, Bukisa announced that it is changing the way its authors earn on their articles and going with a revenue share with Google adsense.  This is freaking some people out and many don’t qualify for adsense, but I am thinking that for me, it may mean an increase in earnings.

The reason I suspect my earnings may go up is that one of the articles I wrote last month tends to get a hundred or so hits per day.  If even one person clicked on one of the ads on that one article, I would be making almost what I was making from page views.  As I have been working towards learning more about SEO (search engine optimization) and keywords and turning that into higher rankings of my articles on search engines, I was already seeing a huge boost in page views.  Ultimately, page views correlate with adsense revenue in that, if no one is reading your articles, no one is clicking on ads.  So that explains how I expect earnings to stay the same…the reason I expect them to go up is that the old model of earning was based on an index rating for all Bukisa writers.  Some of those writers were cheating the system, ultimately hurting all of us.  Other writers were writing sloppy articles that were not well researched or where the language flow struggled tremendously due to translation issues.  This hurt the index too.  Under the new system, it’s really only about each author’s articles, though the overall quality does help Bukisa articles to rise higher in Google searches.

Sooo, all that to say that I really have no idea what this will do, but am optimistic actually and between Bukisa and another two sites, have enough this month already to take my three girls to a movie tomorrow in the theatre…with popcorn!

November Online Earnings

The first month that I started writing articles online, I averaged a bit less than a penny a day.  So, even though we are still talking pennies, you can imagine that I am pleased with my increase on that same article writing site to over 6 pennies a day this month.  What happened is that I continued to add articles this month and two that I wrote at the end of the month have been quite popular, so I was averaging 4 pennies earlier in the month, but at the end of the month, was earning 14-16 cents a day!  I know that we are still talking pocket change here, but I believe that the residual income will continue to build and want to be honest about the process to get there.  So on that original site, $1.94 was my total this month, bringing my grand total to $3.  Not that exciting BUT…

I discovered another site where I can upload links to my articles over on the other site and get paid on that site for those views, so without any extra writing and hardly any extra time, I am able to add to the income from the articles.  I made 90 cents in the past two weeks by doing this, but I also uploaded some photos to this site and one of them (taken by my mom and posted with her permission of course) was chosen as a featured photo and earned a bonus of $5.10, so my total in two weeks on that site is $6, bringing my grand total to $9.  The second site is called RedGage and has a fantastic community of supportive people.  I’ve been really happy with it as it is easy to use and allows me to add articles I’ve already written and pictures I’ve already taken, so there’s very little time involved.

So, as you can see, just a few months into this online earning experiment, the earnings are starting to build momentum.  This month, I have learned some things about SEO and have improved my keywords accordingly and seen an increase in views to my articles as a result.  Hopefully, next month, all talk will be in dollars.  I’ll keep you updated!

November Bukisa $1.94

November RedGage   $6.00

November Adsense    $0.18

Total                              $8.12


Online Writing to Online Earning

more on this at the beginning of December, but as you can well imagine, raising seven children on one income is difficult, so I have decided to try to turn my online writing and blogging into an income for me.  I am not yet sure how successful I will be with this, but it is something that allows me to be home with the kids, to continue to homeschool, and perhaps to take some of the financial burden off Mark.  Even if it would mean paying for one small bill a month, it would be well worth it.  As always, I have learnt the most from others and will share my experiences (successes and failures) with you as I go.

I had written that I would be thrilled to again triple my online earnings, which would have been a grand total of $2.43 for the month of November.  I can tell you that I have far surpassed that already with the end of the month still almost a week away.  The first week of December, I will post my actual total, along with how I achieved it and my idea for a huge undertaking with my writing that I am going to pursue (gulp!) in order to promote adoption, which is a passion of mine, and if it were to also add to the income, that would be a welcome bonus!

Stay tuned!!!

Reading and Writing

For me, there seems to be a direct correlation between reading and writing.  It is my love of books and reading that led me to want to write, so I guess this is only natural.  Now that I have started to write, I am noticing that the times when I am writing, I am craving reading and am devouring books every chance I get.  It seems to work the other way as well.  When I stop reading or am only reading a bit, my writing goes down or stops completely too.  It is like the passion for one spurs me on in the other.  Also, when I am reading a book that is extremely compelling or well-written, it inspires me to want to learn how to improve my own writing.

Now that I have made this observation about myself, I am wondering if others have noticed this correlation in their lives between writing and reading.

October Online Writing

I promised a report of how many pennies I made in October with my online writing and here it is.  In September, I had met my goal of making 25 cents and my goal for October was to write 20 articles, which I managed to achieve, though mostly under pressure when the deadline was approaching for the end of the month.  As far as pennies go, I made an additional 81 cents in October, bringing my grand total to $1.06.  In one sense, that is not a lot of money, but it is triple what I made the month before, with most of it being residual income on the previous month’s articles, so if I were able to continue to triple my revenues every month, it wouldn’t be long before I really was making some decent passive income.

It’s interesting to see what articles generate the most views.  There are a few articles of mine that I think are fairly well written or researched that I see steady traffic to, but most of what gets the most traffic are the articles that I only wrote because I had placed a self-imposed deadline on myself.  Articles such as “Clean Knock Knock Jokes for Kids” or product reviews I have done on games, homeschool curriculum, or cleaning products continue to be the ones that see the most traffic.  Also popular are the articles about party planning themes, the top one being my Thai Dinner Party one, followed by the Mickey Mouse birthday party one.  Many of my articles are copy and pastes of old blog posts, with tweaking done to take out names of my kids or identifying information.

My goal this month (November) was originally to write 21 articles, but I had not had the chance to do any yet.  Then yesterday, I had a burst of energy and managed to post 16 articles in one day (mainly book reviews that were already written on one of my blogs), so I may be amending my goal to 26 or 31.  I will let you know how it goes and also, I will post my November earnings once I know.  If I am able to triple October’s earnings, it would be $2.43, so it would be great to see it be dollars as opposed to cents…we’ll see!

If you too would like to earn cents for your writing and maybe see it grow into a form of passive income, click here.


I have no shortage of ideas when it comes to what to write about.  The problem is that these ideas come to me in the shower or while I’m driving or just before I drift off to sleep at night.  In other words, these ideas come to me in the moments of my life when things are quiet, when I can think.  With seven kids, these are really the only times my brain can think.  Unfortunately, my memory is not a good one.  It lets me down regularly.  Even when the ideas that come are so exciting, so good, that I tell myself not to worry, that surely this one I will remember.  And then I forget.  It is frustrating.  I tried keeping a notepad and pen by my bed.  I wrote down one idea.  I don’t know where it is now because one of the kids took the notepad.  Another of the kids drew on my bedroom wall with the pen!  I think I need a tape recorder permanently implanted in my arm so that when I am in the shower or falling asleep or driving down the highway and these moments of great insight come to me, I have a way of recording them.


Time seems to be my enemy lately.  I can almost hear it faintly mocking me!  I thought that once Gracelyn’s health was a bit more under control, I could concentrate on some writing, but then I got sick and lost a week of my life!  Now I am playing catch-up and feeling like it may take a week to get back to where I was at two weeks ago.

Today is gone, the hands on the clock seeming to spin faster and faster as days end approached and no writing was accomplished.  “There is always tomorrow”, I tell myself, thought I know that tomorrow will be filled with more busyness than today had and the next day holds two important appointments, the following day a conference, and then the week will be gone!

I am determined to at least write a few articles this week though and maybe get back to the book.  We shall see!  Time keeps going by and seems to leave me behind, chasing after it with my laces untied!

My Bukisa Earnings

I had publicly declared that my September earnings for the online articles I have been writing would be 25 cents and I was able to make that goal one day ahead of schedule.  I know that one quarter in three weeks is not impressive, but I am actually quite pleased with it because I only wrote on three days in September, writing a total of 19 articles.  I am still earning residual income on the very first article I wrote for them.  As the articles get more clicks, they move up higher in search engines, so I am actually noticing a momentum happening with some of the earlier articles.  As I am writing this on October 3, I have made 9 cents already this month with only having written one additional article.  Still, we are talking about very small change here BUT…

I realize that I made a mistake by announcing my goal of making 25 cents for September.  The number of clicks an article gets is not in my control, therefore, the amount of money I earn is not in my control.  What is in my control is the amount of articles that I write and therefore, I will be making my goals based on that moving forward.

Last weekend, I set myself a goal of writing five articles on Sunday.  My husband had taken the kids to church without me (we were all running behind that morning and I would have had to go in my pyjamas otherwise!) so I was here in a very quiet house, giving me the chance to write.  I wrote three articles that are what I would consider informative and fairly well-written and then my family arrived back at home so I had to put the computer away for awhile.  That evening, I was determined to reach my goal so I wrote another article that was certainly not prize winning writing, but not a bad topic.  I still had one article to go to reach my goal.  It was late and I was out of ideas.  I wrote “Clean Knock Knock Jokes for Kids” just to fulfill my goal of five articles for the day.  Amazingly enough, I have made a few pennies on the article already!  You just never know what things people search for!

For October, my goal is to write an additional 20 articles.  This will be a tough goal to reach as this is going to be my busiest month this year, but I like a challenge.  I do expect that my earnings will continue to grow and that within a few months, I will be speaking in dollars instead of in pennies!  I will do an update to disclose my October earnings.  If you want to see your writing transform into pennies too, click here to join for free and start writing.  They do accept articles that have been previously posted online, so if you are a blogger, you can even start by turning some of your blog posts into articles and see what happens.